‘Pub argument led to my dad’s life-changing stroke’ says son after his death

A “pub argument” led to a dad’s life changing stroke before he died, his son claims.

Jake Coussell’s father Robert, passed away a few weeks ago at just 55 which was unexpected despite his health problems.

His dad enjoyed fishing and going to the pub, but had to use a mobility scooter after he suffered a stroke.

Jake can’t believe he’s gone and says he was a “big character” and a “man with no filter”.

He believes his dad’s death is linked to a life-changing incident going back to 2020.

The Manchester Evening News reported Jake reckons his dad’s health deteriorated after he was punched in a row outside his home in Stockport.

The alleged incident was never reported to police and was the sort of thing Robert brushed off.

But three days later, Robert, a dad-of-three, had a stoke which hugely impacted his body.

It was so severe he lost movement on his left side and was left unable to care for himself.

After he was discharged from hospital, Robert was moved from his flat into a care home.

After that Robert needed a mobility scooter to get around and “couldn’t do much” physically, Jake says.

He hadn’t long returned from the pub when he fell ill last month, ending up in hospital.

Jake received a call he had been dreading on July 29 which gave him one hour to get to hospital and say his final goodbyes to his father.

The 28-year-old said: “My head’s a mess at the minute.

“I got a phone call saying I had an hour to get there. When I arrived, he had an oxygen mask and all that kind of stuff. His breathing was heavy.

“He went to the pub and I got a phone call the next day saying he had been sick and was going to hospital. He had a seizure on the way in.”

Robert had suffered a second stroke which caused his lungs to fill with fluid.

Jake, a dad-of-three who also lives in Stockport, said: “It’s weird because he was there mentally but physically, he couldn’t really do much.

“He was him; he had been the way he was for years. Then he gets punched and a couple of days later he was having a stroke.

“He was on the floor for 13 hours before I knew anything.

“(After his stroke), he carried on as him. He would go everywhere on his mobility scooter but his drinking habit became worse.

“He was a character; he was like a best friend really more than a father figure. I didn’t see him much growing up and then at age 30-40 I started seeing him properly.

“He used to go fishing a lot; he was just a laugh. He liked drinking and going to the pub.

“He was a man with no filter.

“As this was so sudden and unexpected I have been left in a really hard place financially, sorting his funeral out.”

Jake and his family have set up a GoFundMe appeal to raise money to pay for Robert’s funeral.

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