Woman forced to sleep sat upright after ‘acid attacks’ from common digestive problem

A woman is forced to sleep sitting up and has to restrict what she eats because of painful “acid attacks”.

Shannon Lyon suffers from hiatus hernia (when your stomach moves into your chest) which causes her to experience painful and chronic acid reflux.

The condition is common with people over 50, though most people tend to have little to no symptoms – but some like Shannon end up in extreme pain and need surgery to alleviate the issue.

She says she might have to wait years to receive this on the NHS so is now raising money to help cover the costs of having the operation done privately, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Shannon, who lives in Liverpool, has had the condition for two years.

And despite making dietary and lifestyle changes and taking medication, the condition is still causing her a lot of pain.

The English teacher said: “I have to sleep with a number of pillows and my head propped up because of the acid.

“Sometimes I have to sleep sat up which isn’t comfortable at all. It could be years before I get the regular NHS operation.”

She added that it has led to a “toxic” relationship with food.

She added: The only thing I can drink really is water, and if I have too much it can aggravate the hernia.”

The surgery, known as LINX surgery, would see a magnetic band placed around the oesophagus that would stop the stomach acid from travelling up her throat.

It costs £8,500 and Shannon hopes to raise £1,100 through a GoFundMe to cover the deposit and initial consultation.

She said: “It’s so hard because [the treatment] is just there but it’s just out of reach. Not many people have £8,500.

“I’m only young as well so it makes it difficult to get a loan. I thought it would be straight forward but it would cost me so much in interest.”

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